Don Van Galen
Actor, Director, Producer

Don Van Galen

Don is pleased to return to the SMCP director’s chair having previously directed Norm Foster’s Old Love. Taking a break from municipal politics after 18 years, Don was encouraged to return to directing, bringing the laughs and drama to the second floor.

St. Marys audiences will be familiar with Don’s stage work in previous SMCP productions of Cabaret, Harvey, The Affections of May, an Act of the Imagination, You Can’t Take it With You and I Hate Hamlet. He has appeared in Thistle Theater’s, Opening Night and Perth County Player’s, Get Smart. Don has performed with improv groups in London, Stratford and St. Marys and is a regular on the Front Porch Show during the summer. He also believes it’s important to contribute behind the scenes and was co-producer on Cabaret and Man of La Mancha, and many other production roles for SMCP.

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