Director of The Game’s Afoot
Photo by Alan Grogan

Tania Harvey

Tania is thrilled to be directing at SMCP with this great cast and crew, having been involved in the past in stage management, costume design, wardrobe, and acting in their productions of Cabaret, Importance of Being Earnest, Anne of Green Gables, Old Love and Welfarewell. Tania works with community and youth theatre groups including Perth County Players, London Community Players as well as professionally in costume design and wardrobe.

Director's notes

Order from Chaos! We are hard wired as humans to find patterns and order in a confusing world, we seek to make the world a more rational and sensible place. And what is more satisifying than good triumphing over evil? Mistakes and confusion are also the central theme of comedy. Aristotle said “The secret to humour is surprise”.

Our award winning playwright Ken Ludwig takes us on a murderously funny journey of suspense set Christmas Eve in the mansion of our hero, real life actor William Gillette, in the glittering 1930s. What could be more fun than that? Mounting a play is a collaborative venture. I have been fortunate to share this journey with a very talented cast and crew.

We hope you enjoy our production of The Game’s Afoot!

Tania Harvey

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