Director of Getting Sara Married
Photo by Alan Grogan

Don Van Galen

"A modern comic romp that could only happen in New York City. That’s what Sam Bobrick has given us with Getting Sara Married. Sam is an accomplished writer, and I have to give him kudos for the witty dialogue, and fully defined characters. Add to that the outrageous premise of kidnapping potential husbands, and other comic crisis, we have ample opportunity to ask the cast to exercise their comedic muscles.

A relatively new, and not well known play gives the director the opportunity to paint with a blank canvass. No movie, or Broadway shows to compare. Just the raw script, a vision and maximizing the talents of the cast and crew, which are considerable.

Our two leads, Sara and Brandon, are in a dull spot in their lives, when anyone else would think otherwise. Moving up in their careers, their philosophy on marriage was quite different, but still unenthusiastic. Brandon has convinced himself it’s the proper time in his life, and has a comfortable if not boring relationship with his Fiancé Heather. Sara has little time for men, fully invested in her career, and what little time she has spent with men, has been entirely put off by the experience, and has no interest whatsoever in marriage, and little patience for her Aunt Martha’s schemes to the contrary. Sara’s sarcastic wit and snappy rhetoric bears close attention. This sets the stage for a wonderfully comic clash.

The balance of our characters fulfill their roles with single minded dedication and a near cartoonish dimension. Martha has no moral ambiguity to infringe on her mission, Getting Sara Married trumps all other considerations and even the most modest steps in her plan excite her to her core.

Noogie has created quite a niche in fulfilling the role as kidnapper for hire, and pulls it off with typical New York confidence and entrepreneurial spirit. One imagines he is inventing a new mafia style business.

Heather is a “unique New York” caricature. An uptight single woman who finally found her man, and is completely dedicated to marrying Brandon. The contrast to Sara’s view of marriage couldn’t be more stark, and when they are finally put in the same room the tension is palpable. Brandon remains caught in the middle and is witness to an epic conflict that proves fateful for all three."

- Don Van Galen

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